Friday, November 12, 2010

Sunny San Diego...round two

I finally made it back to San Diego for my OB anesthesia rotation at the Naval Medical Center.  Many of you know that at the begining of my first rotation in May, I got a septic knee infection and was admitted to the hospital, had three surgeries and was definitely out of commission for a while.  Thanks to some great great care from doctors and nursed (my husband, included!) I am much better now and was really looking forward to being back in San Diego!

Matt and I rented this cute little Spanish bungalo in Coronado for the month.  I couldn't have asked for a better place to stay.  It has two bedrooms, which was perfect because my mom came down to stay with me for two weeks.  And you know what they say...location, location, location!  It was wonderful--in one direction we were four blocks from the San Diego Bay which overlooks a beautiful city skyline and in another direction we were eight blocks from the Pacific and its powdery sand beaches.

The day after Mom flew here, we went garage sale-ing to find her a bicycle.  We found a great one for 50 bucks (and then turned around two weeks later and sold it for $40- what a deal!)  We had some time to ride together, but she spent the majority of her days toting the pups in their Burley all around the "island", especially back and forth to the dog beach while I was working.

 The pups always LOVE when their grandma is with them!

I am so behind on blogging but I hope to be able to catch up sometime soon...
Thanks for checking in on us!