Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cristy's Bachelorette Party!

Saturday night I enjoyed meeting some friends at Mattito's Mexican Restaurant in Dallas to celebrate Cristy's upcoming marriage. Her bridesmaids had reserved a wonderful private room for the dinner and lingerie party--and good thing they did!

There are so many more pictures, but my family looks at this blog!! SO, I will just have to share them with the bride in private. (I'm not sure that the groom should see them all either!!) "What happens at the bachelorette party, stays at the bachelorette party."

Jill's Bridal Shower

Saturday I met some of my girlfriends at Kat's beautiful home in Fort Worth for a bridal shower brunch in honor of Jillian's upcoming marriage to Joseph.

These two cuties stole the show!

I recently found this picture in my photo archives. I believe it was taken in December of 2004 at the residents Christmas dinner.

All of our best to you Jill and Joe! We look forward to your wedding day.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Home Improvement

This week we had several days off together and did some home improvement projects upstairs. Since we moved in last May we have done many updates to our home, but the upstairs area remained storage. Since I will start graduate school in a few months we decided to dedicate that area to be an office and sitting area--or I call it my study sanctuary. Matt and I painted, then on Friday Mom and Joe came to help us lay tile in the half bath.

"M" is for Miller!

Always working hard when I'm in my scrubs.

Matt tried out our new ladder on the stairs.

We chose to do the upstairs in the same color as the rest of the house "Wise Owl"

Mom is the tile laying expert!

Boys and their toys! Joe enjoyed working the wet saw.

We layed our rectangular tile offset, like brick.

We still have to grout the tile and do some minor paint touch-ups but it is looking good! We'll post pictures of the finished rooms when we get them.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Fort Worth Main Street Arts Festival

Matt, Mom & I headed out to Cow Town this morning to enjoy the art, music and great food at the Main Street Arts Festival. The morning started out chilly after our big storm overnight, but it turned out to be a beautiful day. Matt and I bought a great black and white painting from one of the artists.

We enjoyed some great performing artist.

Mom bought a beautiful hand blown vase (plant rooter) from one of the artist.


Last night we had a great Texas-sized thunderstorm with hail. Luckily we only got pea and marble sized hail at our house, but it was pretty spectacular the amount that came down in a short period of time. This morning when we got up there was still collections of hail in the back of Matt's truck.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Separated at Birth??

Lynn & Jill

Okay, so I'm a little older, but we could easily be sisters!
Jill and I met in July last year and quickly became friends. After all we are almost the same person. Really, we have so much in common beyond our physical appearances:
1: We both grew up in East Texas
2: and now we are both nurses at Zale Lipshy University Hospital...and thats only the start.
3: Our first date with our husbands were at a sushi bar
4: Okay, here is were it get weird. We were both married June 2nd, 2007. (that was before we met)
5: All of our names and spouses are 4 letters-Lynn & Matt, Jill & Adam
6: Adam's brother's name is Andrew and my brother is Andrew
7: My name is Sherry Lynn and Jill's mom is Sherry Lynn
8: People constantly mistake us for each other at work--and they don't even seem to realize!
We do have so much in common--things we like and don't like, places we want to go and things we like to do. I am proud to have Jill as my friend.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Cristy's Bridal Shower Brunch

Today we celebrated the upcoming marriage of Cristy & David. Her bridesmaids had a fabulous brunch for her at Nadia's house.

Bridesmaids Selina, Nadia, Annette and Misty with Cristy.

Our gifts to Cristy & David

We got to spend some time with Master PJ. We all took turns holding him to give Mom a little break!The fabulous rehearsal ribbon bouquet

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Dallas Stars Game

We had a wonderful time Friday night at the Stars game. The tickets were a generous gift from Cristy and David who have season tickets!

Barb enjoys a Lite adult beverage.

(Cathy, Annette, David, Cristy, Lynn & Barb)

It was such a nice relaxing break after a long days work. We enjoyed the game (although the Stars lost) and enjoyed spending time with friends.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sushi Night

Last night we met some friends out for dinner at The Blue Fish in North Dallas. What started out as a simple double date turned into a party! We were so happy that everyone made it and enjoyed some wonderful food and conversation.

We even got to see little Miss Zoe, Whitney and Jay. They didn't make it for the group shot because Zoe was insisting that it was her dinner time too!

We were celebrating the end of Erin's contract at Zale. We will really miss seeing her and hearing her bedside commentary.

We wish her the best as she moves back to Indianapolis - and we hope she won't forget us down here in Texas!